Thailand & Vietnam

During winter vacation I traveled to Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. I had already posted about Philippines and mentioned that it wasn’t the easiest trip ever. Basically all that could have gone wrong, did. haha but this trip was MUCH better and just perfect! I first traveled to Thailand with my friend Claire. We met up with her parents which was so nice to see them. I had met them once last year and it was really thoughtful that they invited me to join. We stayed in hotel that her father had stayed in 15-20 years ago. It was a 5 start hotel and we had this huge hotel room and all these luxury things I’m not used to so I felt so thankful for that. we had private tours of Bangkok and Erawan National Park with these beautiful waterfalls as well as HellFire Pass and Death Railway. They are very historical places in Thailand. They are on the border of Burma and Thailand and the Japanese took over Thailand during WWII and had captured Australian, American and other Asian POWs. They made them build a railway by hand and cut through forests and huge huge huge rocks to form a path to Burma so they could continue to take over Burma. The working conditions were horrible and thousands and thousands of people died. I guess they worked so hard that what should have taken over 6 years took less than 1 year. It was a really sad story and truthfully I hadn’t heard of it before I went to Thailand. But I was so thankful to learn about it and see the places in person. I could feel the history walking through those places. It was also nice to get away from touristy Bangkok. Bangkok was amazing though too. A really beautiful city with lots of color. I highly recommend to all who visit Thailand to go there.

I think so many people come to Thailand to party hard and for the sex industry and I had always wanted to visit Thailand but it wasn’t on a bucket list of mine. Our tour guide even thanked us for seeing the “real” Thailand and learning it’s culture because most people don’t. It was amazing and I really grew to love it. We then took an airplane down to Phuket and enjoyed Island life for a few days. It was winter season but it was unreal hot. I couldn’t even lay on the beach. The only place that felt cool was in the actual water haha Thailand was just stunning. Waterfalls, caves, boat rides, beaches, architecture, temples, swimming swimming swimming! and spa days…2 hour Thai massages…and the food was unreal.

Then we said goodbye to her parents and only Claire and I flew to Vietnam! Vietnam was AMAZING! I LOVED it!!!!! We went to Hanoi and Halong Bay. We stayed with a Korean friend who moved there to teach at an international school. I taught with her my first semester in Korea. She moved with her 2 children while her husband is still working in Korea. It was amazing to see the kids again and to spend time with her. Hanoi is such a cool city. It’s so busy and so much old culture mixed with new and the people were really kind. I truly loved it. And Halong bay was beautiful!!! We did a 1 night overnight stay on a big ship. I’d suggest most people to stay at least 2 nights but it was really nice. I was pretty surprised how busy Halong Bay is. So many tourists unfortunately. But my favorite moment was kayaking. It was quiet and we kayaked around a fishing village that also had a fishing village school. It was so cool. I highly recommend Thailand and Vietnam to all those traveling. It was worth every penny and a trip I’ll never forget.

Love from Korea,



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