Sports Day

Today was Sports Day at school and it easily became one of my favorite days of the entire year. Sports combined with a bunch of awkward, funny and cute elementary school students and support cheering on your classmates. The best. And a little bit of competition to release some of their crazy energy. I did see quite a few kids push each other during the races which made me laugh except when they’d fall and scrape themselves up on the gravel track. Stay tough kids, stay tough!

The 5th and 6th graders both participated in it and each class had a different colored t-shirt for their specific team. It’s rained the past two days in Gwangju but today was an absolute perfect day outside- 70’s with a light breeze, big fluffy clouds and no humidity. That is what I consider to be an absolute perfect day.

The school had energy from the moment I got to it. Kids were running around getting ready for the day. They all had on their bright t-shirts. I wanted to support the students so I went out onto the playground field and right as I walked out tons of student’s screamed “CAROLINE TEACHER!!!!!!!” These kids can literally brighten even the worst of days. There were races and relay runs and two games I hadn’t seen before. One was where the students run and build a tower with huge cups and race against all the other classes and the other where two kids run with a foam stick and can’t drop it.

I first watched the 5th graders and then the 6th graders. They had so much energy and were so excited. “Teacher will you cheer for our class?! Teacher will you yell out “Go Blue team class number 5!” Of course I had to say no because I want to cheer for them all so I just yelled out “파이팅~!!!” which translates in English to “Fighting~!!!” Every time we play sports everyone yells out “Fighting~!” It’s Konglish so sounds like the actual word Fighting. It means “You can do it!” Which I love. So anytime I am struggling with something in my head I say “Fighting!!!”

I asked one of my students what they get if they win.

Me:“MinJun, what do you get if you win?”

MinJun:”Nothing teacher, we get happy and confidence and…(struggling to find the right English words to use)”

Me: “and pride?!”

MinJun: “Yes Teacher!!! Pride! Happy, confidence, pride!”

Another kid jumps in the conversation “Teacher! We win only 1 time…but it’s okay…we are happy now.”

Those are my kinda kids.

Love from Korea,


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