One of Many Reasons

Last week and this week I don’t have classes on Friday. Last week was the science fair so all the students made rockets, robots or drew pictures about the future. This Friday the 6th graders have a field trip to go hiking at Mudeung Mountain. Unfortunately that means that I don’t get to teach 4 classes of my favorite 6th graders for 2 weeks straight. Many people would say YES NO CLASS! But I adore these specific students and it beats sitting at my desk during the day.

Now to the warm fuzzy story…my co teacher teaches these students twice a week while I teach them once a week. She was with the 6th graders yesterday and they said to her “Teacher it’s not fair we don’t get to see Caroline Teacher for two weeks. We really miss her!!!!” My co-teacher then told the students that they could skip their field trip and stay back for English class. A ton of the students raised their hands and said “Okay!!!! We want to stay back for English. We love English class.” and the head student of the class said…”but teacher we HAVE to go… :(” then the students asked “Can you and Caroline teacher come to the field trip on Friday with us?!” My teacher responded and said that she’d have to ask permission from the principal. The students then all together agreed and said “If the principal says no then we will have a protest against the principal and beg them to let you and Caroline teacher come with!!!”

I teach 500-600 students a week which is 22 classes a week at two different schools. I love each class and each grade I teach in different ways and I am thankful that my students at both schools are really great. These specific 6th graders are my main school are so special though. I have 6 classes of 6th graders at my main school and I am not joking when I say that every single class is amazing and their English level is incredibly high. I taught them in 5th grade as well and now 6th grade. They are one of many reasons why I decided to extend my contract and stay another year in Korea. There’s no way I could leave these lovely kids halfway through the school year (since my contract started halfway through the school year). They’ll be the ones that get to leave when they head off to middle school.

Love from Korea,



  1. Love reading your blog Caroline! As much as you are missed here, I can’t think but what an incredible experience you are having! The impact you are having on your students as well as them on you is irreplaceable! It took great courage for you to do this and even more courage and sacrifice to extend your stay. But what an amazing adventure! I can’t wait to hear all the stories! Love and miss you! “Auntie” Kathy 😊


    • Aww Thank you so much Auntie Kathy!!! 🙂 🙂 It means so much to me! I really miss you too and everyone in your family! Living here has been very life changing and I truly love teaching right now! I am excited to come home this summer and see you and everyone. Thank you again for saying such nice things 🙂 Love you!


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