Mixed Irrational & Rational Thoughts Before Moving


My mixed irrational and rational thoughts the week before I leave:

  1. Whoa I am moving to Korea in 6 days.
  2. I need to pack my life into 2 checked suitcases and 2 carry-ons
  3. The 50 lb weight limit sucks – it sucks even more when I realize that business class not only gets 70 lb weight limits but seats that recline into a bed! But then again they are paying like 5-10 grand more than me so I am over it or trying to be.
  4. I am uprooting my comfortable life in Minnesota and moving to a country where I currently know 4 words in Korean….Hello, Thank you, You’re welcome and Please and that is not without effort of trying to learn more words
  5. I will miss every person in my family greatly (too many specific names to list but you all know who you are)
  6. I will miss my wonderful friends a ton
  7. I will miss my dog Copper who is very old and a wise soul
  8. I will miss my niece being born a week or two after I leave and holding her but don’t worry little lady I will be home before you know it!!!!!
  9. I will miss every holiday with family this year and decorating cards with stick figures on the front (jk I can still mail things from Korea…duh)
  10. I need more shoes since Korean feet are tiny
  11. Lotions with whitening agents in Korea scare me
  12. I am tired and have been on a constant “go-go” mentality and know I am not quite comprehending leaving and probably won’t until I am a month into living there.
  13. I’m excited to eat Korean food and change what I am used to eating on a day to day basis although I will miss cheese a lot…and Mexican food
  14. I’m nervous to be the minority there but will look at it with light and not let all the staring and pointing get to me. I’ll just say I’m a celebrity 🙂
  15. I’m excited to make new friends and make new stories
  16. I’m excited to explore Asia…a part of the world that I don’t know much about
  17. I’m excited for when my family and friends visit so I can share my life with them there once I am comfortable living there myself!
  18. I’m excited to share my experiences via this blog

After all of these confused thoughts and “I will miss” and sappy emotions…the one thing I feel certain about is that I am excited for this opportunity more than I can describe. I feel 100% confident with my decision. It’s a dream of mine. A bucket list that one day I can share with my family or future kids and tell them how I was brave and daring enough to take the chance to follow my dreams and not let anything stop me. There will always be rough patches in life of confusion and being scared but I am a firm believer if you follow your dreams and what makes you happy and you surround yourself with positive like-minded people that things will eventually fall in place. Dear Future, I am Ready.

Until next time when I am officially in Korea.



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