Every Summer Has A Story

As I’m nearing the last 3 weeks in the USA I am scrambling to make sure I have everything packed and all my documents completed. They weren’t lying when they said that applying to teach in South Korea is a 6-month commitment. For the past 6 months I have been working on different documents every week, buying a million more pairs of shoes and bras (because they won’t have my size 9.5 shoes or bras that will actually fit me) and trying to make sure I don’t forget to enjoy the summer here in Minnesota. This summer flew by faster than I could have imagined but thankfully I feel like I spent my time wisely with family and close friends. I also checked off a few things on my summer bucket list. Here are just a few:

Hiking the Superior Hiking Trail

This was amazing! My sister and I ended up hiking 10 miles between the Split Rock Lighthouse and Gooseberry Falls. It was absolutely beautiful and what I would consider a full on adventure. We were only expecting to hike around 5-6 miles and only brought 1 liter of water each. We also took a 3-mile path that was “less traveled.” They say to take the path less traveled…well I agree in some ways but when it’s basically hiking through swamp lands it can be a bit tough! We ended up hiking up Blueberry Hill. Now this hill went on forever and was a complete incline for 2-3 miles. I’m sure in hiking mountains this hill seemed like a joke but it was the closest thing in MN to feeling like I was climbing a mountain and it was awesome.

For more photographs with my SonyA5000 click on this post of mine

The one great thing about hiking with my sister is that we both know each other so well that we are the perfect travel/adventure companions. We both can walk in silence and enjoy the beauty around us but we also know when one of us needs encouragement because our brains are turning into dried sponges from lack of water. There are times to goof around and there are times when we just need to both shut up and focus on our next step in front of us.

That hike helped me learn quite a few great lessons. 1. Pack more water…I basically drink like a camel so 1 liter was NOT enough for me or anyone on a 10 mile hike for that matter 2. Bug spray is always nice to have 3. Waterproof hiking shoes are definitely a great choice 4. Bring Band-Aids because blisters are not fun 5. Look at stressful situations such as getting lost, being eaten alive by bugs or trekking through swamps all as adventures and funny stories you can laugh at later on. Overall I couldn’t have asked for a better day. My legs and hips were tired and it was the best workout I had had in a long time.

Horseback Riding

My sister and I went horseback riding in Carver, MN at a beautiful ranch. Our horses names were Ed and Chunk. Ed liked to venture off of the path a bit to grab a snack of some grass a bit too often and didn’t exactly like to stay in line but we bonded right away. He was beautiful. Horseback riding is just amazing. Sitting on this gigantic animal that has complete control but they respectfully listen to you. And trotting is just awesome. I feel like I’m in some movie and then I realize I am going 2 MPH but I still feel pretty cool. I have always loved horses since I was little. They are beautiful animals. A dream of mine is to take horses out in a green field in England like the movie The Secret Garden. Someday I hope to make that come true. I just need to find someone with horses in England who will trust me enough to not stay on a single path and let me ride free 🙂


Movie in the Park

Minneapolis is a great city for many reasons but one of the things I love most is the numerous free activities in the summer. Movies in the park are exactly as they seem. Big blown up screens playing different classic movies right as the sun goes down while everyone packs blankets and lawn chairs. It’s not a movie without bringing snacks, wine, and blankets to cuddle up for a few hours. I prefer licorice or chocolate almonds. Yum and maybe throw in some white wine! My younger brother and sister and I all went to Jurassic Park. Perfect timing since Jurassic World was in theaters so it was a great prelude to seeing that movie.


Quality Time at the Cabin

One of my favorite places in this world is my cabin as I’m sure you’ve heard me say in previous posts. It’s one of the most refreshing places for me to go. I was able to take off a week this summer and spend time there.

Until Next Time



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