Fun things to do in Gwangju

My brother recently visited me in Korea so I had to come up with a list of a few amazing things to show him in Gwangju! Gwangju isn’t a touristy city at all but there are some fun things to do 🙂

  1. Hike Mudeungsan! It’s so beautiful and you can see a great view of Gwangju. There are direct buses there. I typically took the 1187 or the 36. They both go to different parts of the mountain. The 36 goes to all of the cafes and restaurants at the bottom of the mountain. The 1187 goes to a different entrance that only has one small shop.
  2. Visit Sajik Park Tower and the surrounding area which has Korean traditional homes..Hanok –
  3. Walk around Chosun university (조산대학교) and see the iconic white buildings! If it’s spring time it’s lined with beautiful Cherry Blossom trees. There are lots of good restaurants.
  4. DongMyeongDong (동명동) – the HOTTEST place in Gwangju right now. Small side streets filled with trendy cafes and restaurants. DongMyeongDong is in-between downtown and Chosun university.
  5. Chonnam University Backgate (조남대후문) Walk around and go to a few favorite restaurants here. Enjoy the one pond/lake this area has to offer
  6. Downtown shopping – Chungjang-ro Street (충장로) The best place for shopping and great restaurants.
  7. Norebang – visit any Norebang (노래방) singing room and you can have a night filled with singing and dancing around your private karaoke room. They are the BEST.
  8. Sangmu is also one of the hottest places in Gwangju. The age crowd is a bit older than downtown for night life and it has great restaurants and clubs. It’s more expensive but really fun.
  9. Biennale Park – beautiful park and also has an ancient looking amusement park with a couple rides that people still use.
  10. Gwangju National Museum
  11. Day trip to Damyang – I loved Damyang! There is an easy bus from Gwangju U-Square station. You can walk around the village, walk through the bamboo forest and walk around Metasequoia Road. And don’t forget to eat the bamboo ice cream!!! You can also rent bikes and ride along the river. That was one of my favorite parts.
  12. Day trip to Boseong Green Tea Fields – about 1.5 hours away by bus. You can take a direct bus to Boseong and then a taxi to the actual Green Tea fields. It’s SO beautiful!!! I 100% recommend. And again…don’t forget to eat the Green Tea Ice cream and churro!

I will be sure to post another blog talking about my favorite restaurants around the city. Please message me if you have any exact questions about places!!! Hope these helped a bit!


  1. There is a picture of you sat on a rock on a mountain. It looks unreal. Was this Mudeungsan?
    This was very helpful i am going to Gwangju on a Saturday and leaving Sunday, what would you say were your favourites?


    • Hi! Yes, it was Mudeungsan! So glad to hear it was helpful. I love Gwangju 🙂 I’d say Sajik Tower is a great place to see the city as well as hike in Mudeungsan. DongMyeongDong has great cafes and restaurants to try! Definitely head downtown and do some shopping! It’s hard to pick just one! I hope you had an amazing trip there. Please let me know what you ended up doing!


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