Simple English

After living in Korea for 15 months I’ve realized my own English has gone a bit downhill. I speak the most simple sentences and I speak very slowly with exact pronunciation. I have become a mind reader to all of my Korean friends and students who say 2 words but I know exactly what they mean. So that’s a plus at least 🙂 I also have no idea what the new slang is in America or how to talk normal speed anymore!

So today’s post is just a fun one. Sharing all of the phrases I say on a daily basis that before moving to Korea I never remember saying. And many Konglish terms also.

  1. Now a days…These days…. (this is a common expression that Koreans say…These days it’s very cold. Now a days I am so busy. And now I’ve started to say it too)
  2. I am from America. (I never say that USA, the states, the US, Always America and it still feels a little weird)
  3. What will you do this weekend? (I typically speak in more formal language with saying I will versus saying “What are you going to do…”)
  4. Take a rest. Every single Korean knows this phrase. “Ah you are sick. Take a rest. Oh you don’t feel well. You should take a rest.”
  5. One Shot! (It means finish your first drink like Bottoms Up)
  6. “I need an Americano” (All Koreans drink Americanos and now that’s all I buy at coffee shops)
  7. I envy you (the direct translation is I envy you versus using the word jealous)
  8. It’s good for health (eat this chicken feet…it’s good for skin. Eat this seaweed soup…It’s good for health. Eat this soup. It’s good for hair. Eat this octopus. It’s good for health)
  9. “I go to…blah blah” Instead of saying I’m going to or I will go to…just a simple I go to Busan this weekend.
  10. It’s delicious! – I say this for basically every single meal I eat. The direct translation in Korean means delicious so most Koreans know this meaning. I can’t remember what I said about food tasting delicious before I came to Korea
  11. I am “so-so”
  12. I am constantly saying “same-same” while teaching. “Kids, What are you going to do and What will do you….same-same” with hand gestures.
  13. “Man to Man Shirt (It means crew neck sweatshirt and it’s Konglish. I have absolutely no idea why the fashion world here decided to call it that. And I say it now more as a joke but it’s stuck with me)
  14. “One Piece” – Konglish for the word dress
  15. “Fighting!” – Konglish. It means Cheer up or You can do it! It’s pronounced more “Hwaiting!”
  16. It’s difficult. – I always say difficult versus hard because most students know the word difficult.
  17. Cute! – I feel like I say the word cute every day about something. “oh it’s so cute! Ah they are so cute. Cuteee!”
  18. Hello!!!! – I say hello probably 100 times a day to students. haha Never Hi or Hey or Heyyyyy – always Hello!!!!

I know there are a million more phrases I say on a daily basis but those are the ones that stick out to me the most. It’s nice when I get together with other foreign friends and we can speak our normal speed again but we still find ourselves speaking in Teacher terms with simple language and lots of hand gestures. It’s something that has become the norm and sometimes I wonder what in the world I used to talk like in conversation.

This beautiful fall weather has kept me busy which is a good thing but I haven’t had a chance to write much lately! I will write again soon!

Love from Korea,


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