Memorial Day Weekend – Kawishiwi Falls

Spring becomes an exciting time in Minnesota. Everyone begins to thaw out and come out of hibernation from winter. Minnesota is very well known for its active and healthy population. I lived in the Uptown area of Minneapolis for 3 years, which has a chain of lakes surrounding the area. It isn’t rare to see joggers or bikers outside in negative 20 degree weather so you can imagine the even more excitement that Spring brings when everyone explodes out on the lakes.

Memorial Day weekend has always been a special time of the year for my family. It means the annual opening of our cabin! I take pride in a few things in life and our cabin is one of them. Now to clarify, this is not a “lake home.” This is a true log cabin in every meaning. When my parents first bought it 14 years ago it didn’t even have plumbing set up for a bathroom so we had an outhouse back in the woods. My dad is extremely handy so we eventually all chipped in and built a bathhouse and my dad set up plumbing so now we do have a running toilet. The first day at the cabin on Memorial Day Weekend is dedicated to ensuring nobody slept in our cabin during the winter and getting the water set up. We turn the pipes off during the winter so they don’t freeze. Then the rest of the weekend is dedicated to relaxing and unwinding for a busy spring. This includes great food and story telling, bonfires, smores, saunas and reading.

I recently bought a new pair of Keen hiking boots that I was determined to test out. After much research on hiking trails in Northern Minnesota I stumbled upon a family friendly one called Kawishiwi Falls. My sister-in-law is 6 months pregnant and I have a 6-year-old nephew so I wanted to ensure the whole family could go along. Plus there is a waterfall and who doesn’t love waterfalls?

The day turned out amazing as I hoped it would. It started off with getting lost on the drive there but stopping for directions at random resorts led to us finally finding it. We were also warned that this location is not on Google Maps – which made it a bit more exciting as it was “off-road” and felt much more gratifying when we finally did find it!

The forest truly felt magical. The sunlight peeked through the forest tops shining down on the many roots scattered across the ground from hundreds of years of growing. The forest was a luscious green with plants growing widely everywhere. And here we were – these small beings walking through the forest where so many others had been before. I felt instantly relaxed as I walked through the woods. All of us becoming kids in our own way with excitement. Stepping up on rocks and taking the paths less traveled. My nephew sprinted through the trails running, leaping over logs and rocks, and climbing the roots. It was a beautiful reminder of the simplicity that children have and how much joy they find in small things. I took one picture that became my favorite from that day. DSC00212

As seen above – My nephew yet again sprinted ahead down a trail over a river. He was so happy and excited. Little kids are meant to run around, get dirty and climb trees and explore nature. I think every child deserves that in the world.



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